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Arm Wrestling Exercises

Arm wrestling is a deceptive sport. It is not strictly a "strength" sport as people often think, because technique and speed are both very important. But anyone who tells you that strength is not central to the arm wrestler's success is misguided at best. Strength matters to the extent that it allows you to execute various techniques. For instance, you cannot perform a toproll if you do not have the strength to create adequate backpressure.

So what kind of strength do you, the arm wrestler, need? If you believe that having big, strong biceps is the key to your success you are in for a surprise. The three most important areas for the arm wrester to train are (in order of importance):

You probably know very well how to train your biceps, so there are not many exercises included here. You may think you know how to train your forearms, too, but I will show you some exercises that you might not otherwise know about.


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