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The Hammer Leverage Bar™ - Backpressure Builder!™
Hammer Leverage Bar™
The Ultimate Backpressure Builder!™

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Hammer Bar
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The Hammer Leverage Bar™ is an essential training tool to anyone who wants to become a better arm wrestler. The wrist and forearms are absolutely the most important muscle groups in arm wrestling. Being able to torque your wrist more forcefully than your opponent will result in your gaining better (and higher) hand position.

The Hammer Leverage Bar™ will allow you to perform several exercises that will significantly increase the torque strength of your wrist. This strength is absolutely essential to performing a toproll (the most effective move in arm wrestling) or to building serious backpressure.

Lever lifts are great for the torqueing strength in your wrist (see below), and you can perform them with the Hammer Leverage Bar™. Additionally, this sort of wrist strength is extremely important to creating backpressure.

If your wrist strength is not able to match the strength of your forearm and bicep, your wrist will bend unfavorably toward your opponent. This will put your wrist in a weak position, which is quite common in arm wrestling due to weak wrists. Toprolling in this position is not comfortable, to say the least. It can result in slipped grip, which leads to the straps. In rare cases, it can even lead to injury. Most importantly, it is difficult to win if your hand is not high. For this reason and others, developing great wrist strength is very important!

Check out some of the exercises below to see a few of the things you can do with the Hammer Leverage Bar™. Additionally, you can check out videos of some Hammer Leverage Bar™ exercises.


Lever Lifts to Front (Hammer LEVERAGE Bar™)

Lift the weight by pivoting at the wrist rather than moving the arm. Look at the pictures below or view this video to see how to perform lever lifts to the front

Hammer Bar Lever Lifts

Lever Lifts to Back (Hammer Leverage Bar™)

Again, lift the weight by pivoting at the wrist rather than moving the arm. Look at the pictures below or view this video to see how to perform lever lifts to the back


Hammer Bar Lever Lifts to Front

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