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The Hercules Bar™- The Ultimate Forearm Blaster!™
Hercules Bar™
The Ultimate Forearm Blaster!™


Hercules Bar
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The Hercules Bar™ is the absolute best forearm training device that has ever been invented. After performing even a single set of Hercules Bar™ Reverse Wrist Curls (pictured below), your forearms will burn like they never have before! You will work muscles you never even knew you had! Even better, these muscles are extremely important to executing the best technique in arm wrestling - the toproll.

The fatigue that you will experience after performing a few sets with the Hercules Bar™ will be unlike any fatigue you have ever experienced, because you have never worked these muscles in your forearms before. Most lifters have tried to perform reverse wrist curls with a barbell at some point in their lives. Regular forearm curls work extremely well for building up the "under" side of the forearm, so it makes sense that doing reverse wrist curls would be just as effective for the "outer" side of the forearm.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The problem is not with the Reverse Wrist Curl exercise - they are a FANTASTIC exercise. Instead, the problem is with the fact that it is our thumbs - and not our forearms - that fail first when using a traditional barbell.

The problem with a barbell is that, when you use heavy weights, your thumbs will give out and the bar will slip out of your hands at the midway point. This is caused by the fact that only your thumbs are below the barbell. Because your thumbs are significantly weaker than your forearms, you will not be able to build strength with only a traditional barbell. In other words, your thumbs are the limiting factor and you won't ever really hit your forearms. This shortcoming is why almost no one performs reverse wrist curls, and even if they do they are forced to use a very light weight.

The Solution - Hercules Bar™!
Reverse Wrist Curls are an OUTSTANDING exercise for the forearms! The Hercules Bar™ has solved the problems created by standard barbells so that you can truly blast your outer forearms! The key features of the Hercules Bar™ are the pads that go across the back of your hands. The pads spread the weight of the barbell across the back of your hands, so that your thumbs no longer limit your forearm development!

Because of the wrist pads, it is impossible for the weight to slip out of your hands, enabling you to really blast your forearms! In fact, you don't even have to grip the hand bar to perform the exercise! Never again will your thumbs limit your forearm development!

Truly, this exercise will absolutely BLAST your forearms! I guarantee you that your forearms will never have burned like they will burn after a couple of sets with the Hercules Bar™! You have never really trained the outer part of your forearms unless you've trained them with a Hercules Bar™!

Not only will your forearms be tired, but so will your wrists and hands. Even your fingers will be worn out! Don't do this exercise if you need to type something on the computer shortly thereafter, because your fingers just won't move like they normally would!

As an added bonus, your forearm strength is not all you'll be building. You will also be adding some serious size to the outside of your forearms, as they will begin to take on that "Popeye" shape!

Check out some of the exercises below to see a few of the things you can do with the Hercules Bar™. Additionally, you can check out videos of some Hercules Bar™ exercises.


Reverse Wrist Curls with the Hercules Bar™

Sit on the end of a bench. Slide your hands in between the hand bar and the black hand pads. Rest both forearms on your thighs. Perform the exercise as shown in the pictures below, or view this video to see how to perform reverse wrist curls with the Hercules Bar™.

Hercules Bar  

Notice in the pictures below that you can even do this exercise without even having to hold the barbell, due to the pad that goes across the back of the wrist. This allows you to concentrate on working your forearms and not just your thumbs.


You can also view a video of how to perform this exercise.

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