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Heavy Handle Dumbbells
In arm wrestling, it is backpressure that separates the good arm wrestlers from the greats. There is no better way to build the incredible backpressure than with our Heavy Handle Dumbbells! Buy today and save 33%!
Heavy Handle Dumbbell
2-Inch Handle


The Heavy Handle Dumbbell is the absolute best way to build INCREDIBLE backpressure! You will not believe the awesome power the Heavy Handle will develop in your hands, wrists, forearms, and biceps!

What Makes the Heavy Handle Dumbbell So Great?
The Heavy Handle provides you with resistance from angles you have never before experienced, and training in this way will build amazing strength that will directly translate to more victories on the arm wrestling table! See the exercises we recommend for arm wrestlers using the Heavy Handle.


How Do I Use the Heavy Handle?
The Heavy Handle™ dumbbells innovative design allows you to use it either with standard 1" plates (not included) or a cable attachment can be used to connect the Heavy Handle to a universal-type of pulley machine for rows, curls and any type of cable pulls.

For reference purposes, we will call the weight shaft with the cable attachment ring at the end 'Shaft A' and the weight shaft in-line with the handle "Shaft B".

Why is the handle 2 inches in diameter?

The 2" knurled handle was designed for use for athletes with average to larger hands and also for the athletes that enjoy training with oversize bars and dumbbells to enhance their grip strength. By training with a larger handle, you will build tremendous strength in not only your wrists and forearms but also your hands - all at the same time!

Why are there two shafts and a ring on the end of each of the shafts?
There are two shafts at a 90 degree angle to each other so that the athlete can change the angle of resistance when doing exercises. By changing the weight on either 'Shaft A or B', the athlete can target different areas of a muscle group just by changing the weight to a different shaft, or in case of weight on Shaft B, by switching the weight in your hand so that 'Shaft B' points in the opposite direction. The ring at the end of 'Shaft B' is to be used to attach the Heavy Handle to any type of pulley/universal weight machine and used for rows, pulls and curls.

Recommended Exercises
We recommend the following exercises to build outstanding backpressure:

Wrist Kick-Ups
Wrist "Kick-Ups" are perfect for developing the massive backpressure that is absolutely essential to arm wrestlers. Many people do this exercise with a sledge-hammer, but with the Heavy Handle™ Dumbbell, you get to do the exercises with the weight at different angles.

To perform the exercise with the Heavy Handle, start with your forearm resting on your leg with your wrist hanging over your knee. With weight on Shaft A and your thumb pointing towards the ceiling, slowly lower the weight until your wrist is bent down towards the floor, then slowly raise the weight finishing the movement with a "snap" (kick-up) at the end.

Wrist Rotations
Wrist rotations have long been a favorite exercise for Armwrestlers. Wrist rotations build the rotational strength in the wrist that is needed to start a devastating toproll!

To perform wrist rotations with the Heavy Handle, put the weight on Shaft B(top shaft) and rest your fore-arm on your knee. The exercise can be done by either rotating the weight to your outside, inside, or both to get an unbelievable forearm pump!! Don't start too heavy!!

Concentration Curls
Using the Heavy Handle for concentration curls (pictured below) or for Hammer curls (not pictured), you will discover muscles you never even knew you had! Its unique design makes these exercises far more effective than when using traditional dumbbells. Even better, this exercise directly translates into more victories on the arm wrestling table! Due to the extra torque the Heavy Handle puts on your arm, the hardest part of this exercise is not curling the weight but rather fighting to keep your wrist straight. This is fantastic for arm wrestlers, because it is EXACTLY THE TYPE OF RESISTANCE ENCOUNTERED IN A TOUGH ARM WRESTLING MATCH!!! By building up this type of strength through training, you will absolutely dominate your opponents!

While seated on the edge of a chair or bench, place your elbow against your inner thigh with the weight plates on Shaft A . With a strict controlled movement, lower the weight until your arm is straight, then lift it back to the starting position while 'concentrating' on bringing your forearm tight to your biceps.

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