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EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine

Two-in-one arm wrestling machine easily converts into heavy duty EXTREME Eliminator table!
EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine
Machine easily converts to a heavy duty EXTREME Eliminator arm wrestling table. Note: Weights not included
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You can easily adjust the length of the lever arm to fit your arm, and you can practice and master literally any move! This incredible arm wrestling machine can accommodate even the strongest arm wrestlers, offering up to hundreds of pounds of resistance!

What Is the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine?

The EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine is the newest innovation in arm wrestling training. The EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine is actually two devices in one, a machine and a table! Both of these features are described below and shown in the video.


EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine

What is the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine?
Pictured above is our EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine. The user grabs the large, thick hand grip (which is similar in width to the size of an opponent's hand) at the end of the lever arm and can then practice any arm wrestling move – the toproll, the hook, the press, the posting toproll, the shoulder roll, or any other move you can come up with – using real heavy-duty resistance! The lever arm is not locked into a “left to right” fixed plane; instead, it is freely moveable and allows you to train at any angle! You can move the arm left to right, front to back, or anything in between! Furthermore, the lever arm is completely adjustable, so you can adjust the lever arm to the length of your own arm for more effective training.

Even better, the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine is incredibly versatile! Want to train your right arm? You can. Want to train your left arm? You can do that too! Want to practice your pins? Just adjust the angle of the lever arm using the pull-pin in the cam (pictured below) so that the lever arm is at a 45-degree angle (either hole 1 or hole 5, depending on whether you are using your right arm or left). Want to train just the middle of the pull? No problem, just put the pin in hole 2, 3, or 4. Want to practice coming back from a losing position? Simply adjust the lever arm the other direction so that you are starting out in a losing position! In summary, the incredible versatility of the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine allows you to train in every possible way you could ever want in a way that you could never hope to achieve even if you had a training partner! After two years of research and design, we can confidently say that the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine is not just equal to training with a partner – it is superior to and better than a partner!

As pictured above, the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine features five different settings that allow you to choose the angle of the lever arm. For instance, let’s say that your weakest area is when you are in a losing position – you have trouble coming back from a near-pin by your opponent. The EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine can make that weakness a strength! Here’s how: if you are right-handed and want to practice coming back from a losing position, just move the pin from hole 3 to hole 1. The lever arm is now in a losing position at a 45-degree angle and will allow you to build up your strength when in this position. As you continue to practice from this position and add weight, you will build enormous strength in this position and will be able to easily battle back from a losing position for the victory!

In the picture below, the mechanical arm is set to start in a losing position for a right-handed match or a near-pin for a left-handed match.


In the next picture, the mechanical arm is set to start in a losing position for a left-handed match or a near-pin for a right-handed match.


Staggered Pads

Both the elbow pads and the pin pads can be adjusted on the EXTREME Eliminator. See the pictures below:

Pads staggered left:

Pads staggered right:

Pads straight-on:

The Two Parts to the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine

Part 1 – State-of-the-art, revolutionary arm wrestling machine: Our EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine allows you to practice literally any arm wrestling move – or portion of the move – without the need for a training partner!

Why do you need the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine? If you have ever done any serious arm wrestling, you know that there is no exercise that you can do in the gym that even comes close to the incredible strains and stresses that come from a real match with another person.

Don't get me wrong; spider curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, forearm curls, Hercules Bar curls, and heavy duty hand gripper training are all important. They build significant muscular strength that is vital to successful arm wrestling. But they neglect to build the all important tendon and ligament strength that separates the average arm wrestlers from the champions. Quite simply, this kind of strength cannot be trained in the gym. Put another way, there is no better way to improve at arm wrestling than to arm wrestle others... UNTIL NOW!!!

Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to have training partners, and so we were put at a significant disadvantage to those who could train with actual people. We strongly believe that our brand new EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine will be as effective as – or perhaps even more effective than – training with a partner!

We at Ultimate Arm Wrestling have been working for almost two years on this state-of-the-art machine that simulates a real arm wrestling match far better than any training you could ever do in a gym! The EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine will also build the all-important tendon and ligament strength that you just cannot train in the gym. Weak tendons and ligaments are the reason why your elbow might hurt for days - or even weeks - after a tough match or two. No matter how strong your muscles are, you will never be a champion until you have extremely strong tendons and ligaments as well.

Part 2 – Heavy duty, official size arm wrestling table: You can quickly and easily convert our arm wrestling machine into a super heavy duty, 100% steel arm wrestling table (and vice versa) within minutes! The “machine” part can be easily detached from the table frame and an extra elbow pad (which comes with the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine) can be added. That’s all it takes to convert the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine into an EXTREME Eliminator Table.

We should mention, by the way, that this is no ordinary table. Rather, it is our top-of-the-line table that is extremely strong and is built to last! Just some of its many features include:
• Elbow and pin pads can be set in three different positions – (1) staggered for a right-handed match; (2) staggered for a left-handed match; or (3) straight-on for a traditional match.
• Pads along the side of the top frame (as shown in the picture below), to provide a cushion for your chest and ribs when your body is pressed hard against the table
• 100% steel construction allows it to withstand enormous pressure
• Tables bored through top frame and bottom frame for added stability
• Side supports further strengthen the table and increase its rigidity

The bottom line is that when you buy the EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine, you are getting both the world’s most revolutionary arm wrestling machine and the world’s finest arm wrestling table!

The EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine is now available and ready to ship immediately!

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