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Preacher Curl Bench- Bicep Builder ™ - FREE SHIPPING!!!
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Preacher Curl Bench
Bicep Builder!™


Preacher Bench


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Our Preacher Curl Bench is without a doubt the absolute best one on the market. It all starts with the rounded, concave face as pictured above. This increases the range of motion for all exercises that you perform on it, which in turn works your biceps much harder than any preacher curl you've ever tried before. You will know that our Preacher Curl Bench is different the first time you try it, because it "feels" much different than other preacher curls you've tried before - and your biceps will burn like they've never burned before!

Truly, you will develop both incredible strength and bicep size through using our Preacher Curl Bench. Just as our Spider Curl makes your biceps stronger with the nice side effect of increasing the "peak" of your biceps, our Preacher Curl also makes your biceps stronger with the added side effect of increasing the size of your biceps.

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Key Feature:  Curved Surface (instead of the traditional flat surface found on most preacher curl benches)
The central feature of our Preacher Curl Bench - a feature you won’t find on other benches - is the bench’s curved face.  Regular, flat-faced preacher benches just won't cut it.  Our unique curved face is absolutely vital for arm wrestlers for arm wrestlers.  Here's why. 

Curved-Face Preacher Curl Bench A Key to Unstoppable Backpressure
As any experienced arm wrestler knows, arm wrestling is a total body movement; using only your bicep is sure to be a losing strategy.  One area where this holds most true is backpressure.  Backpressure is the key component of many of the best arm wrestling moves, such as the toproll, posting toproll, or hook.  It is a universal truth in arm wrestling is the single most important skill in creating enormous backpressure is figuring out how to use your body and your bicep in unison.  In other words, pulling back with your bicep is not enough; to create mind-blowing backpressure, you must use your body as well.  But the coordination required to successfully use your arm and body together is one that must be learned through practice.  Put another way, you can blast your forearms with the Hercules and Hammer Bars, your biceps with Spider Curls, and your hands with Heavy Duty Hand Grippers, but you still have to learn how to use all of those muscles together to exert maximum force.  And this is where the curved face of our Preacher Curl provides such an advantage.  Here’s how:

Using “Cheat Curls” to Achieve Arm Wrestling Greatness
The curved face allows for you to use your body to create momentum to lift the weight.  While you will be able to do many exercises (a few of which will be detailed later) on our Preacher Curl Bench, the most important exercise for arm wrestlers is what I call “Cheat Curls.”  What are Cheat Curls?  In a nutshell, you use your body to create momentum.  This momentum helps your biceps to lift EXTREMELY heavy weights.  To create this momentum, simply thrust your hips forward and throw your shoulders back - just as you would in a real arm wrestling match - to get the weight started.  Because the face is curved rather than flat, your upper arm will “rotate” around the bench and allow you to utilize the momentum to lift much heavier weights than you would otherwise be able to lift (this “rotation” would not be possible on a flat-faced preacher bench and would therefore negate the valuable momentum that you are trying to create).  This momentum will help you through the bottom half of the lift, where your biceps are weaker.  Once you reach the midway point of the lift where your biceps are stronger, you can power through the top half of the rep.  Even better, as you become better and better at coordinating your biceps with body movement, you will quickly become stronger and stronger as you are able to lift heavier and heavier weights. 

Most importantly, though, this translates directly into HUGE improvements on the arm wrestling table.  Obviously, because you are able to lift MUCH heavier weights than with a regular, flat-faced preacher curl bench, your biceps will become much, much stronger (and, as a nice side-effect, much bigger as well).  But there is another great benefit as well:  You can use the same technique you used on the curved-face Preacher Curl Bench - pulling hard with your biceps while thrusting your hips forward and throwing your shoulders back - to generate truly mind-blowing backpressure.  The backpressure created by this movement is not only extremely powerful, but it is also highly explosive.  In other words, not only will your opponent be overwhelmed with just how much force your backpressure creates, but he will also be devastated by the speed with which you can generate it.  Truly, training with “Cheat Curls” on the curved-face Preacher Curl Bench is like turning your body into a spring that can almost instantaneously create unstoppable backpressure - which will lead to quick and decisive victories on the table. 

Why Standing Barbell “Cheat Curls” Won’t Cut It
So you might be asking yourself, “If cheat curls are so important to learning how to use the arms, upper body, and lower body in unison to exert maximum force, why can’t I just grab a barbell and do plain old standing barbell cheat curls without a curved-face preacher bench?”  Good question.  The reason that the curved-face preacher bench is so important is that, with only a regular barbell and no preacher bench, you’ll cheat too much with your body and rob your biceps of all the hard work.  In other words, cheat curls without a bench are basically just ugly power cleans where your bicep does not get heavily involved.  By contrast, the Preacher Curl Bench forces your biceps to remain HEAVILY involved and strikes the perfect balance between learning how to use your entire body to create backpressure and BLASTING your biceps.  And let’s not kid ourselves here - any experienced arm wrestler knows that your bicep is going to have to be HEAVILY involved during a match regardless of how much you use your body.  An arm wrestling match is like a chain - you are only as strong as your weakest link.  If you do cheat curls without a curved-face preacher bench, your biceps will be your weak link (since they won’t work nearly as hard as your body does to lift the weight).  By contrast, when you do cheat curls on a preacher bench, your biceps will work HARD - perhaps harder than they’ve ever worked before.  Hence, there will be literally no weak link in your chain, thereby greatly increasing the chances that you will easily overpower your opponent.

Other Exercises on the Preacher Curl Bench
Our Preacher Curl Bench is so versatile that you can literally train your biceps exclusively with it.  That's right - you don't even need any other equipment to train your biceps other than our Preacher Curl Bench and some weights.  Having said that, you can make your workouts even more incredible by combining several pieces of equipment together to blast your biceps like you never thought was possible.  For instance, one example of a truly intense and armwrestling-specific bicep workout would be as follows:

  1. Four Sets of Cheat Curls on the Preacher Bench:  This is the exercise that was described above and should be a staple in any armwrestler's bicep workout.
    followed by
  2. Three Sets of Reverse Curls on the Preacher Curl Bench using the Hercules Bar:  The Hercules Bar makes it so that your thumbs are no longer the limiting factor in your reverse curls and allows you to use MUCH heavier weight than you could without the Hercules Bar.   The Preacher Curl Bench allows you to use momentum (as described above) and to make sure that your biceps are sufficiently isolated.  This is truly an incredible exercise - one that blasts not only your biceps but also your forearms, giving you that "Popeye" look.  You have got to try this exercise for yourself to know just how awesome it really is! 
    followed by
  3. Three Sets of Spider Curls on the Spider Curl BenchRead more about the Spider Curl Bench here

These are but a few of the exercises that you can do with the Preacher Curl Bench (and other bicep training equipment that we offer).  In the future, I will outline other exercises and workouts that you can do as well. 

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