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Introducing Strongman Grips

We're proud to increase our selection of products by now offering Strongman Grips. So that our customers will know more about Strongman Grips, we've included this frequently asked questions section. The following questions and answers come directly from the manufacturer of Strongman Grips and will give you a better idea about the product.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Strongman Grips™.

Questions About Strongman Grips

(1) What are Strongman Grips, and why do I need them?
You will never bench press 300 pounds if you only train with 10-pound dumbbells. So why would you expect to develop astonishing grip strength with some cheap, flimsy sporting goods store hand gripper? If you want a crushing grip and unbelievably strong hands, you need Strongman Grips™!

Strongman Grips™are literally the strongest hand grippers on the planet. World-class strength athletes, like 8-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman, use them to develop crushing grip strength. Strongman Grips™come in nine different resistance levels so that you can train your grip one step at a time until your hands are astonishingly strong! Let Strongman Grips™guide you step-by-step in your quest toward a Herculean crushing grip!

Strongman Grips™are built to last a lifetime! The knurled, solid aluminum handles prevent the gripper from sliding around in your hand. The chrome-plated spring is aesthetically pleasing and will keep your gripper in like-new condition for years.

(2) Which level of Strongman Grip™ is right for me? 
Here is a quick breakdown of our grippers:

SG-100 Great for warm-ups, women, and young athletes. Just about everyone will benefit from warming up with the SG-100.
SG-125 A great warm-up gripper for those with strong hands. It is also a challenging gripper for most women.
SG-150 If you've been lifting for a while, you should be able to perform reps with the SG-150. For young people and women, the SG-150 will be very tough to close for more than 1-2 reps.
SG-175 Men who lift weights on a regular basis should be able to close this gripper for reps. For most young people and women, this gripper will be extremely difficult to close for even one rep.
SG-200 Most serious weight lifters should be able to close this gripper for reps (likely betwen 5-10 times, depending on strength).
SG-225 The SG-225 is a great way to bridge the gap between the SG-200 and the SG-250. This grip will be extremely challenging for anyone who has not performed specialized grip training.
SG-250 Most strong people have difficulty closing this gripper even once. Only extremely strong people will be able to close this gripper. If you've never trained with heavy duty hand grippers before and you can close the SG-250 the first time you try it, then your grip strength is truly extraordinary!
SG-300 Even after doing a lot of specialized strength training for your grip, this gripper will be extremely difficult to close for even a single rep! And if you've never trained with heavy duty hand grippers before, there is virtually ZERO chance that you'll be able to close this gripper the first time you try it!
SG-350 When you squeeze this grip for the first time and it barely budges, you will likely not believe that anyone is actually strong enough to close it! Those who are able to fully close this gripper for even one rep possess some of the strongest hands on the planet! It's the hand strength equivalent of bench pressing 500 pounds.

With steady training using low repetitions, you will be amazed at how fast you can build your strength. We've seen people who could barely close the SG-150 their first time who can close the SG-300 only a few months later.

(3) How do you measure the tension in each Strongman Grip™?
Strongman Grips™are measured in terms of inch-pound force ("pounds of pressure" for short), a measure of the torque it takes to close them fully. Trust us, these grippers pack a serious punch! The pounds of pressure measurement is taken at mid-handle when the gripper is fully closed. We strive to make our measurements as accurate as possible. Actual resistance can vary slightly from gripper to gripper.

We appreciate the creative efforts used by some of our customers to measure the resistance of our grippers with their bathroom scale. Put simply, your bathroom scale is a measure of weight, not torque. Our strength ratings do not correlate to weight.

(4) The knurled aluminum handles on the Strongman Grips™ are tough on my dainty, delicate hands.  Why didn’t you make the handles smooth (like my skin)?
Let me stop you right there. If you are worried about developing caluses or have ever used the phrase "my delicate hands" in anything but a joking manner, then Strongman Grips™ are probably not for you. If you want to preserve your delicate or dainty hands, please don't buy our grippers.

In all seriousness, the texturing is actually one of the most important features of Strongman Grips™. The handles on our grippers are textured so that they don't slip from your hands. Unlike the plastic grippers sold in sporting goods stores, these aluminum handled grippers provide serious resistance. Just like barbells and dumbbells have textured handles so that the weights don't slip out of your hands, so, too, do our grippers have textured handles to prevent slipping.

Because your hands might not be used to this type of texturing, we recommend that you start training slowly. Despite the fact that you will have a tough time putting your shiny new Strongman Grip™ down, we recommend that you limit your training to no more than 2 times per week.

If you are interested in both (1) training with Strongman Grips™ and (2) preserving your soft skin, then we recommend that you use leather or neoprene weightlifting gloves while using Strongman Grips™.

(5) Is the level of resistance provided by Strongman Grips™ directly comparable to other types of grippers? 
Nope. The manufacturer doesn't profess to be experts in anything but its own grippers. If you are concerned about exactly how Strongman grippers compare to others, then we suggest you just stick with whatever other brand you are used to. Note that Strongman Grips are not comparable to Heavy Grips also sold on this site.

(6) The SG-350 seems impossible to close.  Has anyone actually closed it?
Yes, but they are few and far between.

(7) I noticed that Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia, endorses your products.  Is he as big in person as he looks in the magazines?
No.  He’s even bigger.  The guy is absolutely enormous and ridiculously strong.  We are honored that he uses and endorses our products.

(8) I’m an athlete.  Will Strongman Grips™ help me improve my sports performance? 
Let me answer your question with a question. Do you use your hands or forearms in your sport of choice? If so, then Strongman Grips™ can most definitely increase your sports performance. Whether your sport is baseball, softball, golf, tennis, hockey, lacrosse, football, wrestling, basketball, or even bowling, Strongman Grips™ are an important tool in improving your performance.

(9) Will people be scared to shake hands with me after I train with Strongman Grips™? 
I'd say so. Let me put it this way: If you can close the SG-300 or the SG-350, then I wouldn't want you crunching down on my hand. To avoid breaking other people’s hands or causing other serious injury, we recommend that you pretend like you are closing the SG-150 rather than the SG-350. This will ensure that you squeeze hard enough to impress but not hard enough to injure.

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(10) I’m a wholesaler, retailer, or coach and want to buy in bulk.  Can I do that?
Yes. Thanks for your interest. Here's a quick rundown of how the process works. You fill out a short form to let us know a little bit about you. Once you are approved to be a Strongman Grips™ retailer, we will send you all of the information you need to start selling right away. Read more about our retailer program here.

(11) I want to exchange my gripper for a stronger or weaker gripper.  Can I do that? 
We've described above the approximate strength of each gripper, and it is not our fault if you order the wrong gripper. We're not even sure there is such a thing as the "wrong gripper" or a gripper that is "too weak" or "too strong" for you. If a gripper is too "weak" to be used for your low-rep training, then it is probably the perfect warm-up gripper for you. If it is too "strong" for you to close (and trust me, some of our grippers are too strong for most people to close), then it can still be used as an aspirational gripper. Grippers that you might think are "too strong" are the perfect training tool for half-reps, which build strength and allow your grip training to advance further. In other words, to truly advance in your grip training, iit is important that you have some grippers that are too strong for you to close (so that you have room to advance in your grip training) and some grippers that you can close for many reps (so that you can warm up properly and train with for sets of 5-20 repetitions).

If you are ordering a single gripper rather than a set of grippers, please use caution to select the gripper that is right for you based on our descriptions above. We strongly recommend that you purchase a set of grips rather than just a single gripper, because it will give you a range of resistance levels that are vital to increasing your grip strength.

Questions About Training

(12) How frequently should I train with my Strongman Grips™?
We recommend training no more than two times per week. Training your hands with heavy duty Strongman Grips™ is no different than training your chest with heavy bench presses -- training too frequently can quickly result in overtraining and loss of strength. Read more about training with Strongman Grips™ here.

(13) What are some good exercises to do? 
We've compiled some of the best hand exercises in our training section.

(14) What can I do with superhuman hand strength? 
Anything you want.  Squeeze blood from a rock. Bend steel. Impress your wife/girlfriend/girlfriend's friend by turning a lump of coal into a big fat diamond. The sky's the limit.

(15) I can close the SG-300 / SG-350.  Does that make me the strongest person on the planet?
No, but you've definitely entered elite grip strength territory. Do you want to be recognized for your new-found strength? Yes? Earn the recognition you deserve by sending in pictures and/or video with proof that you've actually closed the SG-300 or SG-350.

(16) Do you have any training tips? 
Funny you should ask.  Check here for some training advice

(17) How should I position the gripper in my hand? 
This is sort of tricky to describe in words, so we've got pictures here.

(18) Should I hold the Strongman Grip™ away from my body when training? 
The first rule of Strongman Grips™ is: do not be an idiot when using Strongman Grips™.  Do not hold Strongman Grips™ near your eyes or the eyes of others.  Do not stick Strongman Grips™ in your eyes or the eyes of others.  Do not throw Strongman Grips™ at other people or objects.  If you feel pain while using Strongman Grips™, stop immediately and consult with your doctor.  When you are angry, refrain from shaking hands with others, as you may inadvertently crush the bones in the other person’s hand. 

(19) Do you have any safety warnings about your product? 
Why yes we do. Thanks for asking. Strongman Grips™are built to last a lifetime, and they provide enormous amounts of resistance. It is therefore VERY important that you warm up properly before using Strongman Grips™. Strongman Grips™are also addictive - you will want to squeeze them constantly. Limit yourself to two training sessions per week to avoid overtraining and to give your hands a chance to get used to the knurled aluminum handles. Spring failures, though extremely rare, can happen unexpectedly at any time. Never position the spring near your face, body, or other people when training with Strongman Grips™. Consult a doctor prior to using. Use at your own risk and only in a safe manner.

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