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The Ultimate Guide to Arm Wrestling Technique
Professional Training, Technique, and Exercises!  
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How do I perform a posting toproll (or any other arm wrestling move)? Which move counters which? How do I come back from a losing position? What is the best strategy for winning a match in a bar, across a kitchen table, or on the floor? What exercises should I be performing in the gym to improve my arm wrestling?

And sometimes there is not an arm wrestling table nearby. Maybe you are at a bar, a friend's house, a party... and you have to beat someone who is big and strong. How do you go about beating someone when you don't have access to an arm wrestling table? We'll show you how to do that as well!

If you have, we've got what you need! These and many other questions have been answered in what is the most comprehensive arm wrestling manual ever produced! This book will put you on your way to becoming a champion arm wrestler. Stop letting your friends and family beat you at arm wrestling. Let us show you how you can leverage your knowledge for maximum effectiveness and a quick victory!

The Ultimate Guide to Professional Arm Wrestling Technique has more than 130 pictures to take you step by step through all the arm wrestling tricks and techniques that the pros use. Some of the topics covered in the manual include:

  • Arm Wrestling-Specific Exercises You Can Perform in the Gym
  • How to Win in Social Settings (Bars, Kitchen Table, and On the Floor)
  • Basic Moves (Hook, Toproll, and Press)
  • Advanced Moves (Posting Toproll, Hook and Drag)
  • Two Surefire Strategies on How to Come Back from a Losing Position
  • How to Improve
  • Advanced Strategy (Which Move Counters Which)
  • and Much More!

Truly, this manual is the most comprehensive, clear, and concise guide ever written on arm wrestling!


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