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Topic: How should one prepare for a tournament?
  • "It depends. If this is your first tournament, don't count on winning right away. Just get the hang of it. Arm wrestling on a tournament against people who know what they are doing is much different than anything or anyone whom you have arm wrestled previously so be prepared for initial failure. But always try again because you will get better." -John Michaels
  • "I normally just prepare on my grip by doing about half an hour of reps with a tennis ball or just doing lots of reps with the 150 lbs Heavy Grips Hand Grippers. Other than that, just a glass of protein in the night and morning before to feel ready to arm wrestle." -Christian Greear
  • "Practicing is most important. I usually cut down my gym time and get on the table more. The best tournament preparation I have discovered is the easiest and also the hardest at the same time. About two weeks out from a tournament, I cease all armwrestling completely. Not even a single match! This is very difficult to do because I always want to continue practicing my technique, but it is also easy to do because it saves my arm for the tournament. Armwrestling really puts a lot of stress on the tendons in my elbow and wrist, and they take extra time to recover. I also cease any lifting one week out from a tournament. This is hard too, because I always feel like I am getting weaker. However, it always ends up working because it gives my muscles the time they need to make a complete recovery... and then some!" -Mark Sidemore
  • "I think the best advice for preparing for a tournament takes place before the tournament starts. I have learned the most about arm wrestling by just getting to the tournament early and practicing with other competitors on the table beforehand. I have learned some of my best tricks and techniques from these successful arm wrestlers all over the country. I have learned no matter how much you know, you can always know more." -Noland Burke

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Books and Videos on Arm Wrestling Technique
BOOK: If you are interested in learning the moves above in much greater detail, as well as several advanced moves, our Ultimate Guide to Professional Arm Wrestling Technique might be just what you are looking for. T
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VIDEO: We also offer a video, Secrets of Pro Armwrestling, that details how to win at armwrestling and features several world champion armwrestlers!


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