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Topic: Training tips for creating a super-powerful toproll

Without Strong Wrists, You Won't Have a Strong Toproll
The toproll is an advanced move that requires not only significant training time, but also extremely strong wrists. One of the most important parts of the toproll is being able to torque your opponent's wrist so that he cannot hook you and is forced to toproll with you.

Unfortunately, no "traditional" weightlifting exercises specifically train the rotational strength of the wrist that is so vital to a successful - and strong - toproll. But there is one exercise that is absolutely perfect for rotational strength in the wrist: Wrist Rotations!

Wrist Rotations
Wrist rotations have long been a favorite exercise for Armwrestlers. Wrist rotations build the rotational strength in the wrist that is needed to start a devastating toproll!

To perform wrist rotations with the Heavy Handle dumbbell , put the weight on Shaft B(top shaft) and rest your fore-arm on your knee. The exercise can be done by either rotating the weight to your outside, inside, or both to get an unbelievable forearm pump!! Don't start too heavy!! You can also perform this exercise with a sledge hammer, but the Heavy Handle dumbbell (with the two-inch handle) makes this exercise far more effective. This is because it simulates the feel, thickness, and angle of resistance that you will encounter in a real arm wrestling match.

Also, be sure to take a look at our exercises page, which lists lots of other great armwrestling-specific exercises.

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