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Heavy Bicep Curl Power Rack Partials for Vice-Like Biceps!

The Issue: How to Build Huge Bicep Strength?
We all know that bicep strength is incredibly important to arm wrestling success. While forearm, hand, and finger strength are also very important, you cannot become a champion without vice-like biceps.

The #1 reason why strong biceps are important is the superior positioning that you can achieve using your biceps. Not only do the biceps contribute to backpressure, but they allow you to pry your opponent's hand away from his body. As any experienced arm wrestler knows, this is the single most important advantage that any arm wrestler can achieve!

There are lots of bicep exercises out there that you can perform, including a few arm wrestling-specific exercises we have detailed here.

There is no doubt that the exercises mentioned elsewhere on this site will strengthen your biceps and add size to your arms. But if you want to add huge amounts of bicep strength that will quickly give your arm wrestling a boost, we have the secret weapon you've been looking for!

The Answer: Heavy Partials (Barbell Curls)
Heavy Barbell Curl Partials build the vice-like locking strength in your biceps. Not only will this exercise add some serious mass to your biceps, but it will also give you a major advantage on the table! You'll be able to more easily pry your opponent's hand away from his body and obtain an easy pin!

Here is how to perform Heavy Barbell Curl Partials:

Step One:
Adjust the safety arms of your Power Rack so that they are at the same height as the bottom of your pecs. When you grab the barbell at this height, your forearms will be slightly past parallel with the floor. In other words, you will have passed the "halfway" point on the curl as pictured below. Place the barbell across the safety arms as pictured below.

Notice in the picture above that the lifter's forearm is slightly above parallel to the ground. This is key to the exercise.

Step Two:
Load the barbell with the weight that you would usually use for 4-6 reps on barbell curls. Because you are only performing the top portion of the rep (rather than the whole curl), you will be able to do more reps with this weight than you would with full-rep curls.

Step Three:
Perform the exercise, starting with the barbell at nipple level and curling up to shoulder level. Hold the barbell at the top for a count of three (as this will build the vice-like strength in your biceps and will directly improve your arm wrestling performance). SLOWLY lower the barbell back down, being sure to avoid bouncing the barbell off of the safety arms (this will be the hardest part of the lift). Perform four sets of 6-8 reps, as pictured below:

Start/finish of lift

Middle position of lift:

Here is the lift from another angle:

Notice in the picture below that the lifter curls all the way up to shoulder level. This is very important, as it best simulates the small arm angle that you will want to achieve and lock on the arm wrestling table! Be sure that you don't cheat yourself by making sure that you go all the way up AND HOLD IT FOR THREE SECONDS at the top of each and every rep!!!!


Safety Issues
Note that because the exercise requires large amounts of weight, you cannot safely perform this exercise without a power rack. Even having a spotter will not ensure your safety - only a heavy duty power rack will do the trick.

You should also be sure to stretch before and after attempting this exercise. You will be using more weight than normal, so stretch thoroughly to be safe!


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