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Heavy Bench Press Partials in a Power Rack for Powerful Triceps!

The Issue: How to build ultra-powerful triceps?
Tricep strength is very important for most inside moves. Even if you do not generally try to press but instead prefer a toproll or hook, you are likely to find yourself in a position where you are forced into a press. If you don't have the tricep power to win in the press, you have to develop massive tricep power... and fast!

Heavy Partials (Bench Press): Heavy Bench Press Partials in a Power Rack are the absolute best exercise out there for building ENORMOUS strength in your triceps. Tricep strength is a must for many inside moves, such as the press or shoulder roll.

You should note that this exercise will NOT add tons of muscle to your triceps, because the range of motion is so small. However, this exercise DOES add HUGE amounts of raw power to your triceps, and that is exactly what we are after!

One additional great benefit of this exercise is that it will build extreme power in your triceps that is likely to add 15-20 pounds to your bench press in only about a month! How is that possible, you ask? Your bench will increase, because you will now be able to do more reps in each one of your sets before failing. By building awesome power in your triceps, you will be able to lock your arms out and take a short "rest" at the top of the movement! In other words, when you hit the last rep or two in your set, you can give your pecs a 3-5 second "rest" by locking your arms out at the top of the rep and holding the weight over your chest. This "rest" will lead to your pecs being able to crank out one or two more reps. More reps equals more gains in strength and size! If you don't believe me, then just try it and see what happens!

How to Perform Heavy Bench Press Partials
It is vitally important to go HEAVY on this exercise. You should load the barbell with 125-150% of the weight you could normally crank out for 10 reps on the bench press.

For example, if you can normally bench 300 for a set of 10, then you would want to use between 375 and 450 pounds on this exercise. You should use that weight to crank out between 15 and 20 reps per set.

In the picture below (the start and finish position), notice that the lifter is performing this exercise in a sturdy power rack. He has positioned the safety arms of the power rack so that he is only 4-6 inches away from the top of the lift. This is optimal for tricep development, as the triceps are the primary mover during the top portion of the bench press.

In the picture below (the top position), notice that the lifter has locked out his arms. Notice also that he has only moved the barbell about 4 inches off the safety arms of the power rack. By restricting the range of motion on this exercise, you are able to isolate the triceps and really work them hard!

As an added twist on this exercise, you can try holding the lockout position for 2-3 seconds at the top of each rep. You will REALLY feel your triceps contract when you do this - just be careful that they do not cramp up!!!

Here is the lift from another angle. Notice that you should keep your butt firmly on the bench and position yourself just as you would for a normal bench press, with your feet spread apart and your arms wider than shoulder width.

The picture below shows the top position on this lift. Notice again that the lifter's arms are locked out. This lift will blast your bench press THROUGH THE ROOF! ENJOY!

Safety Issues
Note that because the exercise requires huge amounts of weight, you cannot safely perform this exercise without a power rack. Even having a spotter (or three) will not ensure your safety - only a heavy duty power rack will do the trick.


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