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Introducing Strongman Grips

This video has been posted because it helps to illustrate a strategy that seems to work in most tournaments and can give you a definitive advantage. The strategy is to get the referees concerned with your hand and finger position so that they continually focus on that rather than on your shoulders. By continually moving your fingers and fighting for position on the table, the referees often lose focus of whether you have unsquared your shoulders prior to the match beginning. This can give you a definitive advantage over your opponents.

Watch for it in this clip (I have tons and tons of clips of this very thing happening, and it is almost never called). The wrestler in the black shirt is moving his hands a lot. This gains the full attention of both referees, and they fail to even notice that he has already turned his shoulders significantly before the match begins. While it does not end up helping him (he loses the match), it is a good strategy that - though technically against the rules - might be something you want to try for yourself!

Now watch this clip of Marcio Barbosa. The referees are so concerned with making sure that neither wrestler has a hand advantage that neither ref notices that Barbosa's shoulders are clearly not square to the table.

Try it for yourself next time you are in a tournament!



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